Create & sell subscriptions for home services

Sell subscriptions & get paid in advance.

Create your own Yearly, Quarterly or Monthly subscriptions & get paid in advance for the full subscription period.


More bookings

Encourage more bookings by setting up high frequency subscriptions (e.g 4 bookings per month) & offering discounts. Recurring bookings make things streamlined for your customers & can increase booking frequency significantly.

1 Your own subscription program

Configure your
 subscription terms

For each subscription package, you will be able to customise the following:

1. Subscription period - Monthly, Quarterly or Annual
2. Number of bookings included per subscription period (e.g 4 bookings per month)
3. The services which are included in each subscription

2 Get paid upfront

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3 Auto-allocated bookings

Get recurring bookings

Once your customers subscribe, they get to enter their booking preferences so that recurring slots that suit your booking paths can be proactively offered to them