Location-based scheduling software for home services

Schedule optimisation

Present different booking slots to each customer based on: their location, your daily service zones & your scheduling settings.
Customers within each zone, will only be able to book you during the days you service their area.

Back-to-back scheduling (optional) controls the booking slots shown to each customer - so that you end up with one chain of bookings each day.*

*The way this works is, your 1st customer for each day, will be presented all booking slots. Then, subsequent customers will only see booking slots before & after your current bookings, so that you don't have gaps between bookings, meaning no extra journeys home in between each booking.


Unlike traditional booking systems, which offer the same booking slots to all customers regardless of their location - GeoWise presents customers with dynamic booking slots that align with provider’s most efficient route.

Before GeoWise

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After GeoWise

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Back-to-back bookings

Control your scheduling so that all bookings are back-to-back, and arranged in an optimal sequence. No more extra journeys home between bookings.

Daily service zones

Group nearby bookings by assigning different days to each service zone, this significantly reduces your total travel time.

Block travel time factors in for each customer's location and automatically blocks the travel time between bookings, so that your schedule is always accurate.

Charge distance fees

In additional to your service price, you can set an additional cost per mile to price fairly.